1150 Wine

Our Winery

The winery is equipped with the latest French technology related to the reception, crushing, pressing and vinification processes.

Gravity Fed

Winemaking at 1150 is completely gravity fed and is done without the use of pumps. Pumps can cause oxidation and release bitterness from the grape seeds. Instead, 1150 gently handles the fruit and juice throughout the entire process.


1150 blends in its surroundings and the architecture mimics the peaks of the Andes mountain range. We used materials indigenous to the area to construct our winery.


Our Vineyard

There are four elements that make this area unique within Mendoza and in the rest of the world and for producing high quality wines:

The Soil

At the foot of the Andes mountain range, this is one of the highest wine making regions in the wine world. Here, the soil is very rocky and permeable so it does not retain moisture, allowing a precisely controlled handling of water during the vegetative cycle of the vines.

The Water

In the upper Uco Valley, the water from snowmelt is of the utmost purity. The very close proximity to the mountains avoids the natural salinization of runoff water and prevents damaging the vine.

The Climate

For every 100 meters in height is less than one degree temperature. In the Valle de Uco vine grows from 1100 m, so you can say that there is a difference between 5 and 10 degrees with the other productive areas. This difference and the larger thermal impact on the quality and concentration of the fruit, enhancing the flavors and colors.

The Vines

All these features make the Uco Valley can be grown with excellent quality varieties that are unthinkable in other parts of Mendoza, like Pinot Noir or Merlot, or for higher quality wines to other areas with the same varieties.

Tupungato Vineyard

The vineyards were implanted with selected French clones, which were grafted onto an American rootstocks, and of the following varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.


An area of the vineyard has been reserved for the Malbec vines raised in Mendoza: low-productivity clones that were chosen for their aromatic properties, and whose stalks come from the most representative vineyards of this unique region, where the Malbec finds its clearest expression.

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