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The Argentines call the day "ñoquis del 29" and it is recognized on the 29th day of each month to serve gnocchi. Not unlike the "meatless tuesdays" of the 1940's in the United States, gnocchi day is born of frugality and rationing.

Families made gnocchi towards the end of the month, as money was running low and simple ingredients (potato, flour) were all that they had on hand. Also, Italian immigrants brought gnocchi with them to Argentina, and the 29th is the day San Pantaleon, a patron saint of Venice, was canonized. Connect the two, and we have gnocchi day. Argentines sometimes place money under each dinner plate as a token of prosperity to come.

Prosperity comes in an abundance of fine wine choices and to that end, we've put together the following wine and food pairings:


Argentine Malbec Producers... The Best, Top Rated, and Famous WInemakers from Argentina

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In 1868, when French agronomist Miguel Pouget introduced the Malbec grape to the Mendoza region of Argentina, he couldn't have known that the high altitude and dry climate would make it flourish, or become so popular in our century. In France, where the grape originates, even today it is still blended with other wines in Bordeaux and Cahors, France, where it originates.

In Argentina, the single varietal Malbecs take on a character that is unique in the world. The high altitude in Argentina has the largest influence on the grape, it ripens faster and develops its tannic structure more quickly that either Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot.


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