Tag: earthy
This can mean a wine with aromas and flavor reminiscent of earth, such as forest floor or mushrooms. It can also refer to the drying impression felt on the palate caused by high levels of geosmin that occur naturally in grapes.
Argentine Pinot Noir Mendoza Best Pinot Noir


Our vineyard's location in the Valle de Uco is higher and about 10F cooler than the average for Mendoza. These cooler temperatures along with the four rivers that run through the property make it possible for us to grow a small amount of Pinot Noir, which is rare for Mendoza. The sandy, gravel soil on top of the solid granite shelfs make the vines struggle to yield their best.

Tasting Notes

Old world minerality (crushed granite, river-stone, and flint) and slightly unripe cherry balance on the nose with a hint of vanilla. Soft and mineral driven on the palette. A clean finish with cherry and vanilla that mirror the nose.



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